Why Continental

We strive for nothing less than excellence.

Since its founding 1871, Continental works for one goal: Bringing safety to the streets without compromises in driving comfort and pleasure. From the first tread pattern tyre in the world to the visionary Conti.eContact and our innovations in automotive safety – for over 140 years, we are constantly developing our expertise in mobility, transport and processing. As you read this, over 200.000 highly skilled employees in 53 countries are working for that objective.

Best in braking. Best in know-how.

Curiosity is our main driver.

Continental understands the streets of the world – and how to brake on them. Every day, we put all of our passion and experience into the development of our innovations. Manufactured of only the highest quality materials, we are setting standards with every new product.

How? By applying the knowledge of our innovations to every new design: Our high performance tyres give us deep insights on how to develop a safer driving experience for everyday use. Technologies used in the Conti.eContact™ will help regular cars to be more efficient in the future. The ContiSeal™-principle made its way from the drawing board to being unstoppable on the road. Just a few examples why Continental is one of the Best in Braking.

And just one reason to it: We never stop exploring.

German engineering

Learn from the past, reach for the future.

German engineering and accuracy is legendary. As the inventers of the first tread pattern tyre in the world, Continental seeks to prove this inventive spirit with every new product. Our centre of our engineering experience can be found in Hanover, Germany.

The research facility with its enormous and internationally renowned test race track, the Contidrom, bundles the expertise of over 1000 hard working scientists, engineers and designers in Europe and the US. And every new test follows one simple purpose: making driving safer. All that, of course, to the highest German standards – for over 140 years and counting.

Tested for your safety

Setting standards in standards.

Before any Continental innovation goes into production, it is tested intensively. Established and all new test methods guarantee everyday suitability. Continental uses and developes more and more advanced testing measuring technology to deliver matured and optimized products.

We test for your safety – around the world.

Throughout the year, we show time and time again that there are no limits to our tyre testing at our test sites in the USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and, last but not least, on our in-house track near Hanover, the Contidrom – which is also a sought-after reference track for independent experts.

Each one of our winter and summer tyres from all over the world is thus tested under all kinds of weather and road surface conditions. It goes without saying that this all takes place using the most modern testing methods and measuring technology.

Automotive expertise

Looking ahead and further.

Since 1995, the Continental has already developed major key technologies for safer and more comfortable riving. Now it’s up to us to shape the future of the automobile.

The Continental Automotive Group is one of the world’s leading automobile suppliers with over 87,000 employees in over 170 locations. They all work in an unique setup from tyres to advanced safety systems with one common vision: making mobility safe, sustainable and interconnected. As cars get more intelligent, our three divisions Chassis & Safety, Powertrain and Interior work closely together to use this data for a better driving experience. From active and passive safety, data and fuel management right to the eye of the driver, Continental covers the entire process of driving a car – and maybe one day, even let it drive itself.

Original equipment

Trust in us. As experts do.

Getting started with highest quality.

Car manufacturers only use premium tyres that conform to the highest quality standards. We make sure Continental tyres meet all of them. From maximum speed to wet and dry braking, handling, comfort and noise level as well as mileage: Our engineers perform more than 100 different tests to ensure that an OE tyre fits to the vehicle – no matter if it is a sports car or a van. As a result, Continental is one of the leading OE supplier for car manufacturers worldwide: almost every third vehicle in Europe is leaving the factory on Continental tyres. That makes us Europe’s first choice among initial fitters – and very proud, too.

If the leading car manufacturers trust Continental, so can you.

Independent tyre tests

Approved around the world.

hile developing our premium tyres, we consider each and every safety and performance aspect. The result: top ratings for Continental tyres – around the world. Continental not only claims to produce world‐class tyres of highest quality standard. We can actually prove it, too: Our multi‐award-winning tyres are regurlary tested by independent international magazines.

Since 2007, Continental products have received the highest recommendations in almost 80% of all tests. Furthermore, the company has been voted the top tyre brand by renowned car magazines such as AutoBild and AutoZeitung and warded the best of 50 years test by auto motor sport. And our constant tyre development will keep this tradition up.

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