MOTORCARE has been offering automotive services for business-to-business in Mozambique since 1996. As an authorized premium brand distributer, MOTORCARE provides the best automotive solutions, parts and accessories, as well as access to one-stop maintenance and repair services, combined with a full spectrum of fleet management solutions.

MOTORCARE’s national footprint extends to Maputo, Beira, Nampula, Pemba and Moatize.

MOTORCARE aims to develop the business in a profitable and responsible way by pursuing social and environmental goals, based on international standards and certifications.


MOTORCARE Nissan achieved a fully integrated ISO certification status of international standards in ISO9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. This cements our competitive advantage and commitment to meet our customers’ highest expectations of providing high standards of service, with consciousness of operational impact on the environment, and recognition for health and safety practises. ISO 14001 Certification criteria followed by MOTORCARE stipulates the standards to identify and control our environmental impact and with this we can constantly improve on our performance on the environmental front. ISO 9001 Quality management system ensuring the quality of products, services and documentation. Standardised customer service and the way in which customer requirements are met. OHSAS 18001 An internationally recognised occupational, health and safety management system which requires MOTORCARE to have appropriate health and safety standards, policies and practices in place to operate safely.


In order for us to provide solutions best suited to our customers demands MOTORCARE has built facilities delivering the highest quality technology & services


MOTORCARE was founded by the KJAER GROUP, a Danish Company with over 5 decades of specialising in the import, distribution and providing mobility solutions in more than 70 countries to customers. The KJAER GROUP aims to develop the business in a profitable and responsible way. In 2003, the Group adopted The United Nations “Global Compact” principles which establish an important framework for the activities of the Group.


The KJAER Group Way of Management is a zero tolerance approach towards corruption. As a result; a Group anti-corruption policy was implemented in 2013 and states the code of conduct for all KJAER GROUP employees. It covers among others payments and gifts, partner assessment, risk evaluation and whistle-blower procedures.

The group strongly supports and has aligned own initiatives with the global campaigns, launched by the United Nations.

NO Payments / NO Gifts / NO Free travel/ NO Free social entertainment.