Nissan’s innovative car foam wash saves 6.1 million litres of water in India

Innovative Foam
Advanced Foam Wash Technique reduces water consumption by 45%

NEW DELHI, India – Nissan in India has conserved 6.1 million litres of water over the past three years by using an innovative car wash technique. Nissan achieved the substantial water savings thanks to an advanced Foam Wash technique to clean cars at service centres across India. The program underlines Nissan’s commitment to deliver sustainable mobility to customers and society.

Car washes at service centres are a major component of after sales and servicing of customers’ vehicles that require a large amount of water. Traditional car washes generally require around 160 litres of water to clean one car. The Foam Wash technique, introduced in 2014 at Nissan service centres, uses only 90 litres of water per car, which reduces water consumption by 45%. The amount of water saved by the company is equivalent to the water consumption of around 25,000 households in India for one day.

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