Nissan drives its vision of future motoring at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Qashqai
• New Qashqai is star of the show, with enhanced exterior design, more premium interior, new technology and improved dynamics
• Upgraded crossover available with ProPILOT autonomous drive technology during FY17, giving customers a more confident drive and greater freedom
• New model is part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility blueprint, guiding exciting innovations in driving technologies, powertrains and energy integration

GENEVA, Switzerland (2017) – The next key steps on Nissan’s journey towards a more
intelligent motoring future are under the spotlight at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

The star attraction is the new Nissan Qashqai, featuring a wide range of premium enhancements, a contemporary new design and dynamic performance improvements. Even more Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies have been added to the vehicle as it celebrates 10 years of crossover leadership.

Today Nissan confirms another of those technologies – the innovative ProPILOT autonomous drive system – will be available on the new Qashqai during FY17.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the brand’s blueprint for the future of motoring, targeting zero emissions and zero fatalities. It was first announced exactly a year ago, at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Since then, significant progress has been made under all three of its pillars – Intelligent Driving, covering advances on how cars are driven; Intelligent Power, which guides developments on how they are powered; and Intelligent Integration, a wider investment strategy on the role vehicles play in society.

Under Intelligent Driving, progress to date includes a public demonstration of Seamless
Autonomous Mobility (SAM). It’s a development of NASA technology, which will help autonomous vehicles navigate unexpected obstacles.

Nissan’s vehicle-to-grid technology – part of Intelligent Integration – is now undergoing trials in countries including Denmark and the UK. The first units are with customers, allowing them to sell energy back to a power network.

Similarly, in cooperation with Eaton, Nissan's second-life battery business – taking batteries from used Nissan LEAF cars – continues to make rapid progress. The first xStorage units will be soon in homes and offices, and also powering Amsterdam Arena, home to Ajax Football Club.

The Nissan BladeGlider prototype showcases the innovation and excitement of a high performance Nissan EV – a key part of the Intelligent Power strategy. In February, Nissan revealed how it brought the streets of Monaco alive, with the brand’s new EV ambassador, Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, at the wheel.

And Nissan has announced that the world’s best-selling EV – the Nissan LEAF – will feature ProPILOT autonomous driving technology when the all-new second-generation model is launched very soon.

ProPILOT controls the steering, acceleration and braking in a single lane on highways, providing consumers with a more confident drive, enhanced control and greater freedom. It is already in action on the road with Nissan Serena customers in Japan.
And just last week Nissan staged a major media event on public roads in London, demonstrating a more advanced version of ProPILOT for the first time in Europe.

“So much has been achieved in the year since we announced our Nissan Intelligent Mobility blueprint for zero emissions and zero fatalities,” said Paul Willcox, chairman, Nissan Europe. “Models such as the new Nissan Qashqai, unveiled at Geneva Motor Show today, are just the beginning of our exciting journey towards a more intelligent motoring future.”


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    providing consumers with a more confident drive, enhanced control and greater freedom. It is already in action on the road with Nissan Serena customers in Japan.And just last week Nissan staged a major media event on public roads in London, demonstra

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