Our Brands

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. was established in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, in 1993. Currently manufactures vehicles in 20 countries and areas around the world, including Japan. Nissan offers products and services in more than 160 countries and areas wordwide. The Nissan Brand is exclusively represented in Mozambique by Motorcare, Lda.

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Continental was founded in Hanover in 1871 as the stock corporation “Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie”. Manufacturing at the main factory in Hanover included soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, and solid tires for carriages and bicycles.

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Our ethos is to always go the extra mile in everything we do. We leave nothing to chance and always look to provide customers with the optimum transport solutions. With UD Trucks, customers can rest assured that they have made the smart choice as our unique DNA ensures we provide solutions to their most demanding needs time to time.

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Renault Trucks offers truck users tools that are not just the best suited to their particular activity, but the most productive and least expensive to run too. By doing this, Renault Trucks supports them in their key contribution to the development of today’s economies.

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Based on the brand’s American Heritage, General Tire has proven its ability to compete in the ever changing tire industry with manufacturing and technological advancements for nearly a 100 years. With its variety of patterns and sizes, General Tire continues the long tradition of being the customers’ choice when it comes to Quality, Value and Performance.

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Glassfit offers top quality motor and building glass products, expert workmanship, guaranteed. At MOTORCARE, we believe that customer needs extend much beyond sales. We have partnered with GLASSFIT Mocambique, who supply windscreens of original glass with uncompromised quality.

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